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Do you buy Phones & Laptops?

Of Course! Twice is nice! Feel free to drop in any of your unused tech item.

Do I need an appointment to bring in my computer for repair?

Nope! You can just bring in your computer to our shop, no appointment necessary. We operate on a first come first serve basis, but we do offer Rush Service if you need your computer back right away. 

What do I need to bring with me when dropping off my computer?

For desktop computers, all you need to bring in is the tower (cables, monitors, keyboards, and mice are not needed). If it's an "All in One" computer with a built in screen we ask for the power plug. For laptops, please be sure to bring in the charger. We do not need your laptop case. Also, if you are having a problem with a specific device (ex. your computer speakers aren't working) please bring in that device.

Do you make house calls?

We no longer make residential house calls as we are focused on supporting our business clients. We give priority to our business clients on our support plans.

How long will it take to get my computer back?

It depends on the issue (and how busy we are) but most repairs are done within 3-5 business days and sometimes even sooner! Advanced hardware repairs or repairs that require custom ordered parts can take longer depending on the severity of the issue. We take pride in having fast turn-arounds and all of our repairs are done "in house" to ensure the highest quality and quickest results possible.

How can I track my package?

Great news is that we use Tracked Shipping. 

Once your order is shipped you will receive a shipping tracking number.

If I need my job completed right away, is that possible?

The computers that come into our operating room are worked on in a first come, first served basis. If your issue requires immediate attention we offer Emergency Rush Service for an additional fee. This services lets you "cut the line" and we work to fix you computer immediately.

I'm interested in getting a website made, what do I need to do?

Each custom website that we do is designed and developed to the specific needs of your business. Contact our Web Developer on www.extended.ie

Do you have parts for sale?

If you are in need of a part, give us a call or stop in, we might just have what you're looking for!

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